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Vertrek uit Amsterdam

Bericht - 16 juli 2019 om 12:48 uur

15 July 2019 Svalbart, day one  

  Today was finally the day! The day we went on a cruise to Svalbart (Spitsbergen)! OUr ship is named the Rotterdam, and is property of the Holland Amerika Line. I am on it with, apart from other tourists and staff, my father, my grandfather and his girlfriend. We share one suite with two single beds and one couch that can be turned into a bed, a room for dressup and such and a bathroom, with a bath/shower combination. On the ship is, among other things: three restaurants, two pools, four hod tubs, a gym, several bars, a casino, a theater, a (...)

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In the airplane#2

Bericht - 05 januari 2019 om 16:49 uur

(No idea when) It has been a while ago that I wrote, sorry about that. We’re in the airplane again. Just had Seoul, for seven houres. But first the last days (if I listen to my biological clock):   Four days ago: After the house with the forest we went to an alpaca farm. If you don't know what an a alpaca is, it is some kind of lama. Many people in NZ have them. It was really a big place. We did just some calm days.  

The dag before Yesterday: We had an apartment in Auckland. And I must say, after the other Airbnb’s it was crazy small. I had (...)

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Bericht - 05 januari 2019 om 16:47 uur

(21 Dec.) Four days ago we woke up at Mt Egmont. After the hiking we drove to cape Egmont. We walked to a lighthouse, and that was the day.  

Three days ago we came to a high hill you could climb. It was fun. My father was a little bit afraid, but I was only enjoying and saying he really should watch the view. Then we drove to Egmont village. The only thing we did there was taking a picture, and no, I spelled it right: Egmont. That day we also said goodbye to the Tasman Sea and her black beaches. My mother said the view reminded her (...)

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Egmont, not Egmond

Bericht - 17 december 2018 om 23:50 uur

(18 Dec.)
Yesterday we were at mount Egmont. We climbed it for some time, and it was really exhausting. We had great views dough; we saw lots of forests, the sea and even snow. We weren’t able to go to the snow dough; it was a hard way coming there. But I heard that it was snowing in Holland. We have to climb for it, and you just have it, unfair... Anyway, enjoy the snow, and don't throw iceballs at eechother.
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Bericht - 17 december 2018 om 23:49 uur

(16 Dec.)
Three days ago we arrived in Wanganui. The journey to there was interesting. We wanted to go to there directly, but we saw a windmill with a Dutch market in it. Someone from Heiloo made it and copied the mill of Piet of Alkmaar. We talked to his son. Strange, you go to the other side of the world, and then you visit something you also have at home.  

After the windmill we went to Wanganui without stops. We went to the house of Gert, the cousin of my father. In NZ his name is Gerry, because they can’t say the G. We also met his (...)

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Arthur's Pancakes

Bericht - 17 december 2018 om 23:48 uur

(12 Dec.) The day before yesterday we drove Arthurs Pass back to show it to my grandfather. We had lunch at a campsite. We had been there before, but also only for lunch. There were lots of ducks, begging for food. I don't speak duck-language, but it was very clear. If ducks run around you, and start yelling, most of the time they want food.  

Yesterday we went to the pancake rocks. Again. And again, unfortunately the blowholes didn't work. We didn't did knife making again, if you want to know. We were also at Old ghost road. It leads to a gold miners village. We didn’t went (...)

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Doubtful Sound? I'm in doubt.

Bericht - 07 december 2018 om 08:18 uur

(7 Dec.)
Today we were on a boat. We went to Doubtful Sound, which is one of the places in NZ you can’t come with a car. Captain Cook gave the name, because he didn’t dare to sail in, because he doubted if he would be able to sail out again. We were on the water for an hour, then we were in a touring car and we drove to another boat, over a road that cost one dollar a centimetre, and it was twenty-six kilometres long. We were on that for a few hours. We saw waterfalls, penguins, water, trees and had beautiful views, but this (...)

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Bericht - 07 december 2018 om 08:15 uur

(6 Dec.)
Yesterday we had Sinterklaas. It was different than I am used to, but it was fun. Did everybody in Holland have a nice day? I hope so. We did a game with it. Everyone bought four presents of five dollars that everybody liked. We threw dices, one was taking a present, two was giving one, three was answering a question, and so on. At the end, everyone was happy. I had a book, two owls, a necklace and a dvd.  

Now we’re driving to Milford Sound. That is an amazing route to impressive fjords. My neck hurts, so I am not sitting in the cabin, but on (...)

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Bericht - 04 december 2018 om 06:31 uur

(4 Dec.)
The day before yesterday we picked up my grandfather in Christchurch. Yesterday we went stargazing with him. We started at ten pm, and that is late... The tour was fun. We could look threw telescopes ourself and had a great guide. Someone said that if we could ask him something and if he didn't knew the awnser, we would get our money back. I tried it, but I failed...

Today we went to mout John. There they have the biggest telescope of New Zealand. There was great view. To come there you must drive a tolway, of eight dollars a (...)

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Seals. Lots of seals.

Bericht - 01 december 2018 om 07:22 uur

(1 Dec.)
Yesterday we were in Kaikoura. We went kajaking with a group. I was in a kajak with my father. First there was a lot of instruction, for safety, cool paddle waving and hou to put that stupid skirt on! Long story short, everyone needed to wear a skirt for safety, so you could lock yourself to the kajak. We saw lots of seals, and a bird who looked like a penguin. It is probably the most photographed bird in New Zealand. It was really a lot of fun.

Today, when we drove to a camping close to Christchurch, we (...)

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