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Happy birthday

Bericht - 18 november 2018 om 06:15 uur

Today was my fathers birthday. We decorated the camper for him and eaten cake at a cafe. For my fathers piece we had candles, and the barman and two waitresses came bring it singing. It was super funny. Now everyone a "Happy birthday" in three, two, one, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! thank you all!
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Rocks? Cooler than you think.

Bericht - 18 november 2018 om 06:12 uur

(17 okt.)
Yesterday we went to a lake. The lake with the clearest water in the world. On some places it is more that seventy meters deep, and still you can see the bottom. On that moment we went back to the Rock Fella. We had lots of stones, and when we checked them, there were some real good ones.

Also we started to prepare Sinterklaas. We'll do a game with presents. The idea is you buy some presents, for every person one. They ar not expensive, mostly five dollar each. everyone must like them. In the game you swith presents. (...)

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Worst end ever!

Bericht - 18 november 2018 om 06:02 uur

(15 nov) Today, we spent the day driving. I have no idea why I write this. The most special thing was: we finished Lord of the rings. Sorry for everyone who disagrees with me, but you have bad, you have worst, you have more than worst, and than you have the end of Lord of the rings. In the last fifteen minutes, there were ten good ends, and they picked the only bad one. It’s just what I think about it, so if you like it no problem, but tell me what you like about it. (...)

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WOW! That is a large forest;)

Bericht - 18 november 2018 om 06:01 uur

(14 nov.) The day before yesterday, when we came off the boat, we went to the WOW museum. It was super weird. There were cars and outfits. The outfits were all unique. Some were made of paint and fabric, others of foam, three were made of cuddle toys, but all they were perfect for carnival! A few were glowing in the dark. It gave them a cool effect. I mean, have you ever seen a dress with two sides, one white, one colourful, glowing and both made of little balls? I did. When we were by the cars, my dad and me made a lot of pictures (...)

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The Great War

Bericht - 11 november 2018 om 21:13 uur

(12 nov.) Yesterday, we arrived in Wellington. Hundred years and one day ago, the first world war (Great War) ended! In New Zealand it is kind of a big thing. When it started, New Zealand had ±1 000 000 inhabitants. 100 000 (10%) of them went to Europe to fight. 18 000 of them died and 40 000 of them got injured. We went to a museum. There was an exposition about the Great War. First the soldiers thought that the Turks (they we’re the enemy) were easy to beat. Maybe 1 000 of themselves were expected to die, but not more. They would beat them immediately (...)

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Bericht - 11 november 2018 om 21:09 uur

(9 Nov.)
Yesterday we went to Rotorua. It’s an old Maori village. We saw (and smelled!) geysirs and mudpools. The Maori believe that once someone went to New Zealand and climbed a mountain, challenged by the snow on its peak. But when he reached the top it was so cold he almost froze to death. His sisters decided to help him and transformed into heat. They travelled through the earth to their brother. When they came out of the earth they created the geysirs and mudpools of Rotorua. We also saw people studying at the University of Maori Art. They (...)

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Bericht - 11 november 2018 om 21:06 uur

(8 nov.) TODAY WE FINALLY SAW A KIWI! We went to a bird-rescue-centre (and fish). There we took a tour. Our guide (Felicety) brought us first to the house of the kiwi’s. We saw two of the three. One was sleeping, the other one was searching for food. They were so big like chickens. Did you know that the kiwi makes, if you look to their body, one of the biggest eggs? They also have nostrils on the end of their beck. Kiwi’s are birds, but they can’t fly. Maori believe kiwi’s gave their wings and sight to keep the ground clean of insects that infect the (...)

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Hot Water Beach

Bericht - 11 november 2018 om 21:04 uur

(7 nov.) Today we went to Hot Water Beach. It thanks its name on digging holes. It sounds weird, but if you dig a hole on the right place, there comes warm water in it. On some places it is too cold, on other places too hot, it is just trying and hope you’re on the good place.  

We were lucky. Two guys just left. They had a hole on a good place with warm water, so we took it. It was really nice. When we left, we gave it to two other people from Holland. They were really happy with it.  
See photo 7 Nov.   

Back at the camping (...)

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Status update van 06 november 2018

Status update - 06 november 2018 om 22:35 uur

If anyone knows a place we MUST go, let me know!

A new camper and a stingray

Bericht - 06 november 2018 om 22:33 uur

(6 nov.) Today, my arm already feels better. I am a little bit exited, cause we finally have a camper! Again. This one is mush bigger. The last one was too small. It was impossible to do something if someone was just on a random place. Now, you can do something if everyone but you is on a random place. Or, you know, on a random place that is not where you want to do something (what actually counts on every place). Yesterday we spend all the time renting this, but then you have something. My parents have a big bed, I have a bed above the drivers (...)

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