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Are drone jammers necessary?

Bericht - 07 oktober 2022 om 05:45 uur

Despite the efforts of the FAA and NTSB to regulate drone flight, it is undeniable that they have been and will continue to be used for malicious, unethical or outright illegal purposes. Cases of drones being used for voyeurism are common, and some well-documented cases highlight how disturbing it can be for drones to fall into the wrong hands. They are also interfering with emergency operations, causing delays to commercial flights and being used to smuggle contraband into correctional facilities. So in order to prevent such incidents from happening again, drone jammer was developed.In 2015, a (...)

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Illegal ways of using drones around the world

Bericht - 22 september 2022 om 04:33 uur

According to Goldman Sachs research, the global consumer drone market is expected to reach $14 billion by 2023. With the rapid expansion of drones, the number of drones entering the market increases with the rate of sales per unit. It is nearly impossible to get an exact sales figure, and this number may even grow faster than experts estimate. quick. With drone sales on the rise, it's impossible to determine the legality of when and where these drones can be flown. This could lead to a massive increase in the illegal use of drones. The only way to curb (...)

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Comparison of drone jammer technology between China and the United States

Bericht - 21 september 2022 om 05:12 uur

The United States and China have been taking countermeasures, using their anti-drone technology to design and produce drone jammer devices or guns. These countries believe in using these devices as drone signal jammers to counteract the activity of any UAV.

US Anti-Drone Jammer

Over the past few years, the U.S. military has been evaluating different counter-drone measures to block or jam signals. These devices are used for radar detection and conventional counterattacks, mainly against aircraft.

"If you stay still, you're going to get stuck," according to Lt. Col. Jeffrey Kawada, deputy director of information for the Marine Corps Capability (...)

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Drone jammer: Trends in Counter Drone Technology

Bericht - 19 september 2022 om 05:07 uur

In recent years, with the rapid development of drones, "black flying" illegal acts have occurred frequently, and safety problems have also increased.

Before the Spring Festival in 2021, a set of drone jammer integrating detection and countermeasures was successfully tested at a railway station in Guangdong, ensuring the low-altitude safety of the railway station during the Spring Festival.

"We have developed a comprehensive monitoring system for drones. One drone jammer device can monitor drones in real-time, force landing and expulsion, monitor drone remote controls, and even function as a radio monitoring device."

The drone jammer system uses passive radio (...)

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Do wifi jammers work?

Bericht - 16 september 2022 om 04:49 uur

Do you want to prevent others from using your wifi network? WiFi is a ubiquitous network, and as the number of people using it grows, so does the number of devices connected to the Internet. These devices that interfere with data transmission can be as simple as a handheld device or as complex as a stationary drone with a range of up to 3,000 meters. WiFi jammers are now available at various prices with varying levels of effectiveness and functionality.

These devices can interfere with a wide range of frequencies, including GPS signals and police radar. Some (...)

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How drone jammer works?

Bericht - 09 september 2022 om 05:18 uur

The commercial use of drones has raised concerns among ordinary citizens. These concerns lie in privacy and public nuisance. Drones have taken over aviation, making air traffic even more complicated.


Drones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, configurations and features. Commercial or civilian drones are of particular interest. Most drones have high-resolution cameras that can violate your privacy. They can capture images of you and your personal property.


People also use drones to smuggle drugs. Or they use them to crash into buildings or act as remote "voyeurs". They can cause damage when carrying explosives or artillery payloads.


For these reasons, (...)

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Ukrainian Army Uses US Electronic Jamming Kit For Training

Bericht - 25 augustus 2022 om 05:42 uur

WASHINGTON — The Ukrainian military is training to use U.S.-supplied military electronic jamming equipment in a bloody battle with Russia.On May 18, a senior U.S. defense official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive issues confirmed that the electronic warfare directive was in the works. No details were provided about the course or the equipment itself.
"We told you that we were going to give the Ukrainians some electronic jamming equipment," the official said. "There are very few Ukrainian soldiers who are training with this equipment.
Defense News quoted Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on May 9 as (...)

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How to detect wifi jammer?

Bericht - 22 augustus 2022 om 05:35 uur

Installing WiFi signal jammer protection software is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your network from interference.
The software will monitor your network for any signs of interference, and if it detects a WiFi jamming attack, it will automatically close the connection. This will help protect your WiFi network from any potential attacks.

Why you should take precautions against this type of attack

The wireless network you're trying to protect is often the target of wireless wifi bluetooth jammer. Therefore, it is important to take steps to prevent interruptions so that you can have (...)

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What are the characteristics of wireless signal jammers?

Bericht - 16 augustus 2022 om 05:58 uur

Our society is increasingly dependent on wireless technology. We wake up in the morning, check our email over WiFi, unlock and start our car with the key fob in our pocket, and use our cell phone to make important calls on the way to work. We rely on GPS to guide us when we go to new places. LoJack or wireless locators can locate stolen or misplaced items. On a larger scale, much of our military and civilian infrastructure relies on wireless communications. Unfortunately, these signals are susceptible to another type of wireless device: wireless (...)

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What is wifi jamming ?

Bericht - 15 augustus 2022 om 08:07 uur

Is wifi jammer legal?WIFI jammers transmit on the opposite frequency. However, if the wifi signal jammer sends out a stronger signal, it can render the original signal unusable, making communication more difficult or no signal.In WLAN, this means that the exchange of data packets can only work in an infinite range or not at all, and the actual data flow can no longer be properly combined. This can be a critical issue for devices performing safety-related duties.However, jammers are perfectly normal in wireless technology. In the early 20th century, when the number of transmitters increased significantly, (...)

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