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Portable GPS jammers can interfere with L1 GPS signals, and the maximum distance can reach 15 meters. The interference range may be affected by the environment. It also uses a portable design, which is very convenient to carry and hide. It can work for a long time when fully charged, and it will not affect the GPS signals of mobile phones and other electronic devices. It can only work normally when working. Of course, the GPS function of your mobile phone cannot be used normally. Similarly, we also provide you with car adapters and chargers with unique features that have become popular products in the GPS jammer market. https://www.perfectjammer.com/gps-blockers-jammers.html The popularity of smart phones makes almost everyone own a mobile phone. The products used for communication are very convenient. You can easily make more home communications and even video calls. But the use of mobile phones has become more and more serious. The smartphone has functions such as shooting, GPS positioning, and GPS navigation. These features are both practical for people and may pose a major threat, including information leakage, and GPS tracking of mobile phones is more common on mobile phones. https://www.perfectjammer.com/wireless-wifi-bluetooth-jammers.html Due to the popularity of using smartphones, it has caused many civilization problems in public places, including the above-mentioned teenagers using mobile phones to play games, they will open their hearts to the game sound, and give the next person a kind of noise pollution. In addition, in some quiet places, they call loudly, causing others to rest and read. There are many similar things, almost everything happens to teenagers. Some people who have been poisoned by these things have called for banning students from using mobile phones, or prohibiting the use of cell phone jammers in quiet public places. https://www.perfectjammer.com/all-gsm-3g-jammers-blockers.html "Installing GPS on a car is useful because we are guided to where to look for it. If it is stolen, even if the thief tries to damage the positioning device, the last position of the car will be frozen in data", AATS officials. "However, the new jamming equipment is a huge threat: the early jamming equipment was priced at Rs 25,000 each, but now even small automatic elevator operators can buy jammers from Rs 5000 to Rs 1,200 It is used for active criminals. " https://www.perfectjammer.com/drone-signal-jammers.html The Federal Communications Commission prohibits people in the United States from manufacturing, selling, operating, or importing radio interference equipment. Those who violate the provisions of this 70-year-old communications law will face up to one year in prison, and each violation will be fined $ 11,000. However, FCC officials said that they have received few complaints about the blocked phones and have never acted on anyone against any violations. People in the interference industry say that people use low-power devices without worrying about being retaliated because it is difficult (if not impossible) for callers to distinguish between scrambled signals and normal cell phone dead zones. Analyst Kagan said, https://www.perfectjammer.com/all-cell-phone-jammers-blockers.html


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