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Drone jammer: Trends in Counter Drone Technology

Geplaatst op 19 september 2022 om 05:07 uur

In recent years, with the rapid development of drones, "black flying" illegal acts have occurred frequently, and safety problems have also increased.
Before the Spring Festival in 2021, a set of drone jammer integrating detection and countermeasures was successfully tested at a railway station in Guangdong, ensuring the low-altitude safety of the railway station during the Spring Festival.
"We have developed a comprehensive monitoring system for drones. One drone jammer device can monitor drones in real-time, force landing and expulsion, monitor drone remote controls, and even function as a radio monitoring device."
The drone jammer system uses passive radio monitoring to receive drone signals. The receiving frequency range is 10MHz to 6000MHz, and the real-time bandwidth is 480MHz. Real-time search, detection, and alarm for UAV image transmission and measurement and control signals. As well as the parameter measurement of measurement and control signals, single-station direction finding, rough ranging, and other functions. The biggest feature of the system is that it does not depend on the database. It can independently learn the signal characteristics of drones and identify unknowns including all industrial drones. At the same time, the device can also be equipped with an identification chip to realize the black-and-white list function. Combined with the identification database, the drone model and manufacturer can be identified.
The drone frequency jammer not only acts as a radio monitoring receiver but can also be used in conjunction with a navigation deception system to trick drones into landing at a designated safe location. Today, drones appear in many fields and life scenarios, but "black flying" and "random flying" also occur from time to time, and the new drones are more intelligent and have more faces. Recognition, tracking and positioning, precise strikes, etc. The function seriously affects society and public safety.
UAV jammer system equipment can be set unattended, all-weather, full-time work, to better maintain low-altitude public safety.


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