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Vastgezet bericht Bericht - 21 januari 2020 om uur

Our trip starts at Schiphol Airport for our first flight to 


45 minutes to get on the plain to Hong Kong. We made it.

Hong Kong

We have to wait About four hours. Had a nice meal and a wonder around.

Finally around 10 o’clock we can board the airplane. So to say I am all our on it, Arnold is stopped. Apparently his ETA still didn’t came thru.

We had hoped it would. We are waiting already for 4 days and had to start traveling.

Normally they tell you at Schiphol that your ETA hasn’t beïng processed and they would (...)

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Bericht - 21 januari 2020 om 00:50 uur

First thing is getting our rented car.... i love this car. It’s going to be my Friday evening car ???? Why? It automatically corrects you when you go out of the middle of the lane. There is a sign on your dashboard what signals if you’re driving not straight. 

I have booked us an Airbnb at the foot of the rainforest and its 30 minutes by car from theaieport. The lady rents a room in her house and we have our own veranda. 

We arrive in the dark after following the road up the mountain.

Lovely room, not chick but cheap. Elizabeth, (...)

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