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Many studies have shown that we ignore the sexual needs of the elderly. Many middle-aged women may go through menopause in their fifties, but men's fertility can continue until their sixties and seventies. With modern people's care for the body, the body Strong old people have needs for sex, which is something we don't care about. Some older adults mistakenly believe that abstinence can prolong life. As a result, they stopped doing housework in their sixties. Modern medicine believes that long-term abstinence in the elderly will lead to loss of sexual function. Because abstinence destroys the balance of the body, reduces the secretion of sex hormones, suppresses the sexual instinct of a person, cannot release all the sexual desire of the human body, and instead causes harm to the body and mind. Sexual love is a normal physiological need of people. https://www.newrealdoll.com/milf-sex-doll.html Mini sex dolls are super light and thus easy to handle, so if you've never owned a life-size sex doll, the mini version may be a better choice until you gain some experience. You can effortlessly place her however you like and let her look however you want without laborious experimentation trying to hold her in place. Plus, being lightweight, you can take the strain off your body and move her with ease. And you can travel with your cute sex doll as easily as with a cute rag doll. It's just that this doll can give you the ultimate sexual experience.If you don't live alone, you are worried that your sex doll will be seen by others and cause unnecessary trouble, every time you can put your small sex doll in any corner without being noticed by others. https://www.newrealdoll.com/black-ebony-sex-doll.html Of course, having sex with sex dolls is not completely unnecessary to pay attention to cleanliness. Many men leave a lot of body fluids in the private parts of the dolls after using them. If you don't pay attention to cleaning, many bacteria will grow. This will also cause a lot of bacteria to grow.The correct way is to wash the sex doll and then dry the sex doll thoroughly with a towel. If water is left for the connected metal, it will rust. Some people may want to blow dry them quickly with a hair dryer, which is not okay unless you use cold air, too hot air can damage your sex doll's skin.Some silicone teenage dolls are not removable, but have a full vagina. If you have this type of doll, you should clean your vagina regularly. This is because bodily fluids stick to it during intercourse and get dirty easily. If it is a detachable sex doll vagina, it will be easier to clean. https://www.newrealdoll.com/cheap-sex-doll.html Small size sex dolls are still made from the same high-quality materials that are used to make life-size dolls, mini sex dolls still provide the same realistic feel as life-size dolls, with many of the small size and light weight Additional advantage. These small sex dolls also have flexible skeletons in their bodies, and can perform many beautiful movements. They have a charming and tight vagina, anus and mouth, and you can enjoy them as you like.In addition, there are many different options for the shape of small sex dolls, whether it is an elf or an anime face, you can choose what you like and want among small sex dolls. https://www.newrealdoll.com/fantasy-sex-doll.html Blindly suppressing it will only make people's lives more painful, their desires will not be satisfied, and they will not be able to release the pressure in their hearts.In fact, the elderly can use sex dolls in a normal way and also have a perfect sex life.Sex dolls can be used as a tool for an old man's sex life in his later years, and can also be used as a companion in his own life, playing an important role in the field of the elderly.Research shows that alcoholics are more than 30 percent more likely to age and die than people of the normal sex. The normal use of sex organs can delay the decline of sexual function and maintain the normal secretion of sex hormones. If it is not used for a long time, the sex organs will shrink and become unusable.So how should the elderly use sex dolls correctly? We hope to make some conclusions to help the elderly get perfect sex. https://www.newrealdoll.com/elf-sex-doll.html


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