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The issue of underage erotic dolls is an emerging one, and related research has only gained attention in the past five to 10 years. However, some experts speculate that the global market for erotic dolls is already a $10 million industry. In Japan, one is sold roughly every 30 seconds. There are dozens of online communities for erotic dolls in Japan, and the vast majority of them have a section for underage dolls, some of which are the most popular. ( https://www.newrealdoll.com ) In Japan, petitions to ban the manufacture and sale of underage erotic dolls have been circulated online from time to time, but have received lukewarm support. Instead, some politicians have spoken publicly about erotic toys, arguing that there is no need to ban them on the grounds that everyone has the right to freedom of expression. Despite the Japanese government's lack of attention to banning underage dolls, Ms. Kazuna Kanajiri believes that their efforts have helped to move Japanese society away from the objectifying imagery of minors, for which she has been verbally abused and harassed by dissenters and even had used airplane cups sent to her office. She said it was unpleasant to be confronted with such practices, but it would not keep her silent from then on. ( https://www.newrealdoll.com/sex-doll-video.html ) Underage erotic dolls are openly sold on many Japanese websites to attract players in niche hobbies. In one online community photo, the erotic doll is holding a box of crayons, just like a girl, and appears to be doodling on the bare walls of a studio. At first she is standing, but just click on the rotating image to see her sitting, legs apart. Pictures of multiple ambiguous poses. ( https://www.newrealdoll.com/teen-young-sex-doll.html ) Many online communities featuring these suspected underage erotic dolls have appeared in Japan. Community moderators often post photos of the dolls, and followers discuss how to dress the dolls, as well as follow up posts on how to properly clean them after use. Some users will leave comments suggesting that "Uncle's family has candy", "Elementary school students are so cute", "The ruffles on the skirt are so cute and exciting"... Even in a video in the moderator YouTube, someone discussed to contact the doll manufacturer, so that the doll focus parts according to the age of physical characteristics in line with his expectations to imitate. ( https://www.newrealdoll.com/anime-sex-doll.html ) All of the above are modern sex dolls, but sex dolls were used in political struggles at the beginning of their existence. Belmer, known as the father of the modern sex doll, devoted his life to rebellion against art, patriarchy, and hegemony, especially against the Nazi ideology that emerged in Germany in the 1930s. When his wife became increasingly weakened by tuberculosis, Bellmer was attracted to his niece Ursula, who was caring for her attentively, but he understood that he could not have any relationship with her, but he was inspired by Oskar Kokoschka (the inventor of the first sex doll) to realize this dream. He started making sex dolls of his own and with the support of his mother, he and his brothers Fritz and Lopitzer made his first sex doll in 1933. ( https://www.newrealdoll.com/sex-doll-photo.html


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