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She says this because a sex doll robot named Samanth was repeatedly molested and made "dirty" at a tech fair in Austria, breaking two fingers. She said, "I think most people will feel a little uncomfortable after hearing what happened to Samantha. The most important thing is that just because it's a machine, we can't turn it into another victim and heroine who survives an encounter and gets herself 'off the hook' just to have it happen again. Yes, it's a machine, but does that mean we are justified in taking invasive, illegal actions against it?" Certainly, the fact that it appears in the image of a human being makes it a representation of the projection of human desire and a symbol of future human desire."

Contemporary Western philosophy suggests the opposite, that artificial dolls cannot be violated, but only as instruments to achieve human goals. The claim that Samantha is violated is not easily denied, and because it lacks an inherent capacity for suffering or a preference for autonomy, it may not meet the requirements of personhood. The problem with this view is that if the ability to have emotions and impose moral rules on oneself is essential to moral standing, it will exclude too many people, including those with intellectual disabilities, the disabled, the demented elderly, and most animals.

Ultimately, the emotions or attitudes evoked are almost fixed. If we fill physical dolls with backstories and names, soft, touchable, cuddly faces, and sweet tones, people will tend to connect with them, trust them, and like them. If we design them to be less friendly and purely functional, the response will be completely different. What kind of human relationships do we desire? Contemporary society tends to view these dolls as tools, even slaves, whose function is only to help satisfy desires. These people believe that humans are superior to other creations, and also stem from the philosophy that technology, no matter how sophisticated, is only a tool to help humans do their jobs better.

Others claim that it is dangerous for people because the bones of the solid dolls are made of alloy and may hurt you in some way. People who say such things have probably never purchased a love doll, and in over a decade newrealdoll customers have never experienced this problem. It's entirely possible if you put your doll in your car and it flies out the window due to an accident, which one of our customers did experience, and his doll was actually a little worn but completely intact. Howard Stern has shown his sex dolls on the air. This was a watershed moment for the doll as his popularity was high and since then thousands of customers are recognizing and starting to buy real dolls. As far as I know, there have been no reports of anyone experiencing any negative health consequences and almost everyone I have talked to has felt good.

Dr. George and Professor Susan do acknowledge that sex doll companion robots can be used to treat forced or autonomous mental isolation due to poor health, aging, or personality reasons. However, they also believe that sex doll companion robots can actually make existing problems worse and are almost impossible to meet emotional needs. They feel that sex doll companion robots may normalize certain irrational behaviors without treating people with mental illness or preventing behavioral violence. Despite the lack of evidence to support the health benefits of sex doll companion lovebots, they believe that demand for this market will continue to rise.


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