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The term "cybernetics" was first coined in the 1960s by two aerospace scientists using the terms "cybernetics" and "organism". Donna Haraway adapted the concept of "cybernetics" and introduced it to the study of technology and the body. She argues that the emergence of the cyborg in the late 20th century as a hybrid of machine and organism blurs the boundaries between natural and artificial, mind and body, self-development and external design, and many other boundaries that apply between organism and machine. In his book Simians, Cyborgs, and Women: The Reinvention of Nature, the "cyborg" is defined as "a cybernetic organism, a hybrid of the mechanical and the organic.

 It is a product of both social reality and fiction. The cyborg is "a new body in which a person's physical performance is mechanically expanded beyond the limits of the human body. This virtualized body provides the hardware for an individual's digital existence in cyberspace, where human-machine interactions are "represented in a way that reproduces reality or even the hyper-reality". Andy Clark adds that "cyborg" is not just a literal combination of flesh and machine, but a symbiosis of humans and technology in the deeper sense of thinking and reasoning systems, and that even if we don't have any chips, we are already cyborgs. 

Don Ihde believes that there is a deep desire for "complete transparency" and "complete embodiment" in the experience of embodiment, and that when technology can truly "become me", there is no need to experience it through technology. When technology can truly "become me", it is no longer necessary to experience through technology, and technology and human are one. It can be seen that the cyborg is the enhancement of the human being by the technology, a new body that transcends the limits of the human body after the performance of the human body has been expanded by the machine.

When asked why they are having less sex, the young people in the survey said that financial and social pressures are the number one reason. They are saddled with tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and need to work more than one job, so they don't have enough time to find a partner. Those who have the time and money say they cannot find decent partners in today's social environment. They have feelings of loneliness, especially when they move to a new place where they have no friends. Working for minimum wage does not lead to financial stability. Therefore, they say they will not consider finding a partner and starting a family until they get out of debt and have enough savings. In the last 70 years, the number of people with no religious affiliation has increased by 233%, and almost 60% of young people say they are no longer bound by any religious affiliation. As a result, in today's modern age, society is more open to new sexual ideas and narratives. It is difficult for young people to find a partner in a sea of people without shared values or common interests, and the loss of empathy makes finding a partner more challenging.

No longer spending time and money on things that don't get results, sex dolls relieve the social pressure of finding a partner and allow a person's emotional needs to be met without the risk of rejection.


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