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Portable wifi jammer is very useful

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Having a portable mini GPS signal jammer allows you to track GPS anytime, anywhere. This is general. As the shape of the mobile phone is slightly larger in height, width and length than the mobile phone, the design of the antenna is also different, but it is used for GPS positioning function. Due to its small size, traveling with it will not hinder your location too much. On the other hand, this will ensure that your itinerary will not be tracked, thus keeping you in a safe environment.


In the years after the introduction of the wireless jammer into the market, it was widely used in various fields and gradually tended to be household. These devices are only used for defensive purposes, but have been changed, and now anyone can use them to protect their privacy. In fact, we even concluded that portable wifi jammers are very useful. Every family should have one. Just install WiFi and mobile phone jammers. It is a religious place, such as some temples or churches. Of course it is a large enterprise. Time is considered It is money, and employees are not allowed to use mobile phones, they should work. Mobile jammers can also be installed in major theaters, movie theaters or concert halls.


In view of the increasing trend of auto theft in today's world, auto manufacturers are constantly improving security technology, especially with the development of microelectronics technology, auto anti-theft technology automation, and intelligent direction. According to its structure and function, car alarms are divided into four types: mechanical, electronic, chip and network. Among them, the mechanical lock is the most traditional anti-theft device, usually not used alone. Electronic anti-theft system is currently the most widely used equipment. And chip digital security equipment and network security systems are the development direction of automotive security systems. This article is based on the basic principles of the car anti-theft system involved, using the GSM short message protocol data information processing system.


With the arrival of 5G, the 2G network (GSM) will gradually disappear. People in the communications industry have expressed different views on this issue. The most important thing is to understand the impact of 2G network withdrawal on future user communications. The biggest role of the 2G network is to undertake voice services and SMS services for a large number of mobile users. Therefore, in the early days, we were able to use feature phones to successfully make calls and send text messages, and feature phones were supported by 2G networks. According to reports, the 2G network was able to implement some Internet functions at that time. Except for making calls and sending messages, there seemed to be no place to connect to the network.


GSM is an abbreviation of Global Mobile Communication System, and is the most widely used digital radiotelephone technology in the world. The protocol describing 2G cellular networks is a standard. This protocol uses base stations to generate radio frequency signals for stable electromagnetic fields to relay information. When the magnetic field in the metal occurs, an interference signal will be generated. Rubez can be detected and recorded. Using Doppler effect and triangulation, the precise coordinates of the target can be determined by analyzing the signal changes recorded by the base station. Once Rober Day captures the target, the data is sent to the surveillance center via the GSM network, including the Defense Management Center of the Russian Ministry of Defense and the Command and Control Center of the Russian Space Iraqi Air Defense System.


4G or 3G phones and networks are very common, and there are many machines and devices that use the GSM network to connect to the Internet, and these devices have a long service life. GSM networks are inexpensive and have a wide coverage, so many "device-to-device" network applications use GSM networks, including alarm systems, vending machines, and transportation vehicle management. Based on the experience of AT & T and other companies, upgrading a mobile network from 2G to 3G or 4G is an absolute economic option. If the M2M application for communication between devices is upgraded to a new network, it can also be significantly improved. For example, in the Internet application of a shipping company, if you switch to 3G or 4G, the related chips and applications will be able to support real-time video transmission and other functions.


GSM is the basic network frequency band for mobile phone voice communication and SMS services. As we all know, improper use of mobile phones is very serious, the use of mobile phones in public places will have a great noise impact on others. Can you imagine how annoying you feel when you read and relax quietly when someone suddenly calls? I agree. When we need to be quiet, we don't like to be disturbed.


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