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Nica week 4

Bericht - 19 mei 2018 om 21:16 uur

Be prepared, this week was a messy one. For the people who haven’t heard or read about it, the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs changed the traveling advice for Nicaragua to code orange (which means don’t go there unless it’s highly necessary). More and more roads are being blocked by protesters. The Nicaraguans hold more anger towards the president each day. There are still people dying every week, but sadly enough this is mostly peaceful protesters getting shot by the police… For the people who are worried, I am still in Granada, which is the most “tranquilo” city of all the bigger cities in Nicaragua. The worst (...)

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3rd week

Bericht - 13 mei 2018 om 22:42 uur

Another week has passed. Now it’s officially starting to feel like my time here is passing really quick. It only feels like a day or two ago that I was writing my previous post by the pool.  I don’t go there as often as the first two weeks. My days are a little fuller now that I started volunteering. But when I have some spare time after work, that’s probably where you’ll find me.    

I really like working at Education+. It’s run by an American social worker who started doing this with one little room and 20 kids. Now it’s just like a school with 4 big (...)

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2nd week in Nicaragua

Bericht - 06 mei 2018 om 21:26 uur

As some of you may know, the reason I am in Nicaragua is because I am currently doing a minor, called Global Health. Last week I had to write my first reflection for school purposes. After writing it and rereading it I thought; might as well post it online for more people to read, so I did. The reason I’m writing this now is because my teacher came back to me reminding me of the fact that this is an international minor and that I should not forget that even now, everything still has to be written in English in order to be graded sufficiently (oops…). So (...)

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Week 1

Bericht - 29 april 2018 om 20:14 uur

Op vrijdag 20 april arriveerden we in Nicaragua. We werden opgepikt van het vliegveld en weer afgezet bij Laguna de Apoyo. Hier hebben we drie dagen gespendeerd. Dit zouden er in eerste instantie twee zijn, echter was er in Granada een hoop onrust vanwege protesten tegen de president, Ortega. Dinsdagochtend was de rust wedergekeerd en vertrokken we al vroeg met de taxi naar Granada. Daar aangekomen ontmoetten we onze gastfamilies, aten we wat vers fruit en gingen we gelijk door naar school. De school is vanaf mijn gastfamilie ongeveer vijf tot tien minuten lopen. De huizen zijn allemaal een andere kleur, wat maakt dat de stad er (...)

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