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2019 Sexual Technology Trends

Bericht - 29 september 2019 om 11:34 uur

The idea of ??synthetic sex robots has never stopped. Their fascination with the sex robot culture is reflected in the growing demand for sex dolls, and manufacturers and sellers of various sex toys are flocking. Despite this, it is clear that the stigma of sex dolls has not been eliminated. When it comes to sex dolls, it’s easy to just think of it as homosexuality.If you think that the development of sex robots and realistic sex dolls is just a trend, then you can understand the following.

The highlight of the 2019 Las Vegas Adult Expo is (...)

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How does Make-up makes tpe dolls more realistic?

Bericht - 27 september 2019 om 10:20 uur

Any sex doll can’t do without makeup in the production process. After the doll is made, it is also subject to custom clothing, tattoos, piercing and makeup. However, during the use of the doll, the cosmetics will fall off over time. It is therefore necessary to learn to give the doll an urgent makeup step.

Because the doll’s skin is very smooth and clean, you can skip the concealer step. But foundation is necessary, especially for TPE sex dolls, the foundation can make the subsequent cosmetics better color.

Highlights: forehead, nose bridge, nose tip, eye, chin
Shadow: facial contour, (...)

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The shared sex doll app only lasted for four days

Bericht - 10 september 2019 om 10:35 uur

In this era of highly developed sharing economy, people try to share more and more things as much as possible. But ignore the safety and health issues that this may bring.

Because of its high emulation, the solid sex doll can give users the pleasure that other sex tools can't provide. On a certain level, this kind of pleasure even exceeds the experience of making love with real people. However, the price of a physical doll is not high, which is an astronomical figure for single men.

The sharing of realistic sex dolls and the implementation of on-time (...)

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Life-size realistic sex doll is attractive

Bericht - 05 september 2019 om 10:58 uur

Many people try to have sex with a  100cm sex doll and find that she can really fulfill all the requirements of our sexual partners.We are more likely to have orgasms.Then, some people might want to know about real people and sex dolls.What's the difference?You should know that most sex dolls today are sturdy, made of non-toxic, odorless, antioxidant and anti-aging silicone or TPE.Even with tiny pores and hair, a baby's skin looks exactly like his leather.


They are very delicate.Sex toys are much cheaper than real girls Yes, you need to pay some money to take her home.But (...)

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Is it safe to buy second-hand sex dolls?

Bericht - 20 augustus 2019 om 11:01 uur

 Buying used sex dolls has gradually become a boom?
The original sex doll forum is a place for sex doll lovers to discuss the best dolls, gradually evolved into the current second-hand trading network second-hand trading platform. It became a paradise for sex doll owners to exchange dolls. You should know that sex dolls are generally priced higher. To buy a quality TPE sex doll with good quality and low price can be said to be the ultimate goal of this group of doll lovers, and the second-hand sex dolls are indeed much cheaper than the ex-factory price. (...)

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5 Tips Help You Pick up a Cosplay Sex Doll

Bericht - 16 augustus 2019 om 10:50 uur

Thinking from the starting point of cosplay, the first thing to consider is whether the appearance is realistic and beautiful, for the final styling effect and the degree of restoration of the character. There are many different options from the size of the realistic sex dollto the material, which can be chosen according to personal taste.Changing clothes forlove dolls is also a factor that can't be ignored by people who are keen on cosplay. If you don't want to sweat every time you change clothes for your doll, then you must remember to choose (...)

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Why Mini Sex Doll Is The Top 1 Seller Of Real Dolls

Bericht - 13 augustus 2019 om 10:52 uur

mini sex doll that you can use easily.
Anyone who bought a childlike doll found that they were easier to clean than other dolls on the same market. When you want someone who can satisfy your sexual desire, you will always have an adult doll. Lifelike dolls are always easy to maintain compared to the various options available on the market.These mini sex dolls are generally high-quality dolls. Therefore, 100cm sex dolls have become the first choice for buyers. In fact, they have become the number one seller of real-life dolls from price to use.

More choices (...)

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Will sex dolls reduce human dignity?

Bericht - 12 augustus 2019 om 10:59 uur

Sex dolls
are sex toys of a human size and shape. Many countries prohibit the introduction of sex dolls, although sex dolls are by definition only a sex toy for personal use. On the one hand, because morally, sex dolls are considered to be degrading products. On the other hand, they are worried that the simulation customization function of sex dolls will cause many people to suffer problems.

“A sex doll looks like a woman, but it can be sexually exploited. After using sex dolls, they will not be able to perceive other (...)

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How is the attraction of sex dolls established?

Bericht - 02 augustus 2019 om 09:40 uur

We always focus on the “sex” of life-size sex dolls, but what we are more likely to overlook is the emotional connection it has with these doll lovers.In order to let customers feel this, many businesses have also launched anthropomorphic propaganda. It’s not just about selling a product as a human toy, but raising the solid sex doll to a height where you can talk to you.


Each realistic (...)

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We foresee the world,conquer the world

Bericht - 01 augustus 2019 om 10:03 uur

When robots and humans are almost half, how can we resolve the conflict with them?

As a companion to life, the feelings of robots are always the most important. But with the development of artificial intelligence technology, robots have their own consciousness, but it is followed by social panic from them.

The famous three laws of robots:
1. The robot can't harm humans, and it can't be ignored when humans are hurt.
2. The robot must obey the human command (under the premise of satisfying the first article)
3. Under the above two conditions, the robot must protect itself.

If the robot can talk (...)

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