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Status update - 19 november 2020 om 08:30 uur

Vivian 170cm schoolgirl loose socks love doll JYDOLL

Specifications / size

? About this doll:
This TPE real love doll is very cute and innocent and very different from the other girls you meet. You started to be interested in this Asian girl. Cuteness and her obedience make you want to protect her. Don't be afraid to hug her. She needs it. This naked girl sex doll is realistic. Another highlight of this doll is that it comes with a snap and placement ball joint neck and a pair of easy-to-move ball joint wrists.

Height Weight Shoulder Width Bust Under Bust Waist Hip Oral Vagina Anal Foot Size
170cm 37kg 32cm 92cm 63cm 50cm 92cm 12cm 20cm 20cm 23cm
Set Contents Note: This love doll accessory may not be a model-matched outfit, decoration and wig.
Love doll (Vivian)
Sexy lingerie
Heater rod
Onahoru cleaning tool

I'm sorry my partner didn't want to have sex since our baby was born

Bericht - 07 november 2020 om 07:23 uur

Nine months ago we gave birth to a child, and the last time I had sex was when I became pregnant. He said it was my fault because I didn't start having sex.

I didn't, because he didn't. He always has an excuse-it's always my fault. Both of us are 28 years old. This makes me feel garbage.

He even suggested that I go find someone else to have sex. I don't know how much I can earn.

I don't say I'm crazy about sex. I just want more than I get.

Now you are a mother, and he may see you different, (...)

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Status update van 22 oktober 2020

Status update - 22 oktober 2020 om 08:47 uur

Miyuki 145cm Salopette Girl Baby Face Cute WM Love Doll ? WM love doll: Real love doll, carefully processed by advanced technology ? Good breasts: D cup medium

Status update van 15 september 2020

Status update - 15 september 2020 om 11:27 uur

Do kisses infect AIDS? Netizens: I don't know if it's AIDS I would like to ask if I can get AIDS by kissing someone who has little saliva exchange. What is th