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Laser Engraver for Wood Projects

Geplaatst op 06 december 2022 om 13:52 uur

What can you do with a laser engraver?

The Sculpfun laser engraver is a great value-added item that can be used for many different projects in materials such as paper, wood, leather, acrylic, rubber, fabric, glass, and more.   With the Sculpfun S10 laser engraver, you can remove thin layers of material from surfaces, create beautiful and intricate designs on various types of materials, and use it to make markers, signs, and decorative pieces. You can also use the Sculpfun S9 laser engraver to customize different projects to give them a personal appeal.    

Wood Projects

Wood is one of the widely used materials for laser engraving, because many people like wood products, and wood is easy to process. The Sculpfun S30 Pro Max laser engraver can provide good output on hardwood, veneer, walnut, cherry, mdf, plywood, other similar woods, and wood composites.   Wood as an organic material does not always have uniform properties. Its color, grain density and sap content vary widely among different woods. Laser Carved WoodFor engraving applications, you will need a laser with a power of at least 20W to work on solid wood and other composite woods such as MDF. With the sculpfun s30 pro max 20W laser, you can achieve a speed of 0.4"/sec to cut 3mm thick wood boards. With lower power lasers, longer times and multiple passes are required.The cutting depth of the engraving depends on the cutting speed and power of the laser. A laser cutter is similar to a laser engraver, but in laser cutting, the laser beam travels across the entire width of the material. If you plan to perform cutting operations in wood, you will need a wood laser engraver or cutter with a laser power of at least 20W. Having a powerful laser can also help you perform engraving operations faster.   There are several types of wood that are suitable for engraving and cutting with a laser. Woods like maple are high in resin and will give a dark burn, while woods like walnut will only give a light wood burn due to their low resin content.Using wood, you can make many personalized projects such as engraved images, name tags, furniture, signs, engraved boxes, coasters and much more. If you need to purchase a laser engraving machine, you can go to the HTPOW website to purchase,HTPOW has cooperated with almost laser engraving and cutting machine brands and has become the world's largest supplier of home laser engraving machines.  


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