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Reisschema: Advantages of Laser Engraving Solutions

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Solution Advantage One: I don’t know if you have noticed some small text or LOGO, production date, etc. on the back of the watch case. However, many people disagree with it. In fact, these logos on the back of the watch case are engraved by a laser engraver. The laser engraving machine has a high processing precision, so it is very suitable for precision and expensive products in the watch and eyewear industry. Due to the extremely fine focused beam of the sclupfun laser, Sculpfun laser engravers are widely used in the surface carving of clocks and watches, LOGO on glasses and engraving. https://www.htpow.net/sculpfun https://www.htpow.net/sculpfun-s10-10w-laser-engraver-with-high-speed-air-assist-nozzle Watch cases and glasses are marked with an advanced laser engraving system. It adopts international advanced diode laser and ultra-high-speed scanning galvanometer system. Diode Sculpfun S10 laser engraver has high electro-optical conversion efficiency, adopts Sculpfun air assist pump cooling, small overall size, good output beam quality, high reliability, long service life, and maintenance-free. It can meet the requirements of high engraving depth, smoothness and fineness. https://www.htpow.net/laser-engraving-machine Solution Advantage Two: Bathroom faucets are updated very quickly, from old-fashioned cast iron to electroplated knobs, to stainless steel single-temperature single-control faucets, stainless steel dual-temperature dual-control faucets, and kitchen semi-automatic faucets. Now, more and more consumers choose faucets, they will comprehensively consider materials, functions, shapes and other aspects, which are ubiquitous in our lives, so every merchant will mark information on its own brand products. https://www.htpow.net/sculpfun-s30-pro-max-20w-laser-engraver Sculpfun S30 Pro Max laser engraver can engrave LOGO trademarks, patterns, characters, QR codes, serial numbers, symbols, anti-counterfeiting codes, codes, barcodes, etc. on bathroom faucet products. It has the advantages of fast engraving speed, high production efficiency, long service life and easy operation Simple, zero consumables only need to be powered on, patterns and texts can be modified at will, labor saving, safe and environmentally friendly, zero pollution, engraved text and patterns have long-term color and non-falling off, which is a good guarantee that the merchant's brand will not be stolen.


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