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The end

Bericht - 06 januari 2019 om 13:09 uur

We are still in Melbourne and we went a few days age to squeaky Beach and Whisky bay. Two beautiful beaches with soft white sand. The sand on squeaky beach makes a squeaky sound. This was the last day of our holliday and we went to the city of Melbourne. It was a nice area with much shops and it was really busy. Tomorrow we are going to fly home with a stop in Hong Kong.
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Happy new year!!

Bericht - 02 januari 2019 om 01:12 uur

The day before yesterday we were in broken hill. I have had my first drivers lesson, it was really fun to do. It was in the middle of the desert so there was no traffic. When you get out of the car in the desert then there are a lot of flies, so we had to wear a flie net. After that we drove back to mildura and we celebrated new years eve there. In Australia its ilegal to fire fireworks by yourself. This is becouse of the drought. Yestreday we drove back to Melbourne and we celebrated new years day with (...)

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Bericht - 02 januari 2019 om 00:48 uur

Hallo allemaal, ik begreep dat sommigen geen berichten meer binnenkregen. Ik heb dat nagekeken en de berichten staan bij ‘foto’s’. Hierdoor hebben jullie geen melding ontvangen. Jullie kunnen het teuglezen door bij foto’s te kijken. Vanaf nu ontvang je weer een bericht maar kijk ook elke keer onder het kopje ‘foto’s’. Sorry voor het ongemak 
groetjes Mayke
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Bondi beach

Bericht - 18 december 2018 om 11:10 uur

Yesterday we went to Bondi Beach, this is the most famous beach from Sydney. You can see it on television (Bondi rescue). It was very busy because lots of tourists come to this beach. The weather is warm, about 30°. The sand was very soft and clean, and the water was clear and blue. An importand rule is here swim between the flags, thats a spot in the middle of the sea. Onley between the flags is safe because underwater flow, and sharks! Mostly people swim between that flags but a lot of asians who can not swim, they must (...)

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Day 2 and 3

Bericht - 16 december 2018 om 11:01 uur

Yesterday there was a very big storm. The storm destroyed a lot of trees, we have no electricity and internet, we eat by candle light. Today we went to the city of Sydney and we have seen the opera house and the sydney harbour bridge. At home we always go with the car but here we mostly go by boat. And there are less bikes because of the hills.
In Australie there is summer now and christmas is coming. We saw a lot of christmas trees in the sun. That’s strange! 

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Status update van 25 november 2018

Status update - 25 november 2018 om 19:09 uur

Het aftellen is begonnen!