Momenteel is lzye bezig met de reis Lake Zone Youth Empowerment project, Mwanza. Lees hieronder meer!

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Meet the ICS team

Bericht - 22 juli 2019 om 09:11 uur

Mwanza, Tanzania as an ICS Team Leader – Amys Experience  

International Citizens Service (ICS), is funded by the UK governments Department for International Development (DfiD) and has the tag line  “Challenge Yourself to Change the World”. ICS offers placements that are an amazing opportunity for UK or EU citizens aged 18-35 (who have lived in the UK for the past year) to gain new skills while making a difference through the power of volunteering. If you are 18-25 you can apply to be a volunteer, if you are 23-35 you can apply become a team leader. ICS are currently active in 8 countries across the world and aim to (...)

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The first weeks of Leonoor

Bericht - 16 juli 2019 om 08:54 uur

Welcome in the working world of Africa

With a warm welcome of the project manager, a hug and less personal space than you are used to, you will be welcomed in the office. For Dutch standards, I’m already quite touchy, but the Tanzanians are next level. It’s fun to experience that everyone is taking your hand, man.

There are a few roles in the Lake Zone Youth Empowerment program, meet the team:
Haidari Mfinanga is the Project Manager and Bonitho Benedicto the Project Officer, who is supporting Haidari. Then we have the Field Officer, her name is Patricia Chilwa. Patricia is responsible for two different kinds of trainings. (...)

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Hiske: "Bye project"

Bericht - 03 juli 2019 om 10:37 uur

Habari za Randstad!

First I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Hiske Bolt, 25 years old and via Randstad I got the opportunity to go to Tanzania as a volunteer for VSO. Back home I work as a HR consultant for Randstad (Netherlands), but the last three months I have worked as a communication specialist for the Lake Zone Youth Empowerment project of VSO Tanzania. I just concluded the project in Mwanza Tanzania and it was an amazing experience! I’d like to share my VSO placement adventure with you, because it has been an interesting and constructive period. I’m used to working in Holland, which is (...)

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Before you start in Mwanza

Bericht - 25 juni 2019 om 13:43 uur

What you should bring:
- Power bank: The power goes out regularly, so it's nice if you can still charge your phone then. This probably happened way more often at our place than places in the center of town though.
- Flashlight or headlight: So you can still see something when the power goes out. We've been cooking once with a headlight, actually pretty convenient. 
- Potato peeler: Both the little knife and the peeler (dunschiller en aardappelschilmesje). Haven't seen the knife here, but it is so useful. You buy your veggies at a local market and you have to peel them. Nice if you don't have to spend (...)

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