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Louis Vuitton, limited gift collection with wristwatch and bracelet

Geplaatst op 27 november 2020 om 08:36 uur

From LOUIS VUITTON, a limited gift collection that includes a wristwatch and bracelet is now available. From December 15, 2020 (Tuesday), it will be released sequentially at watch specialty stores nationwide.

New Louis Vuitton Copy LOUIS VUITTON Brass Twist Blossom Q95530 / Q95534 / Q95537

?Product name?
Brass Twist Blossom
Yellow Gold
Pink gold
White gold
00S Length 15 cm
00M 16 cm long
00L Length 17.5cm
15 cm wide
 Yellow Gold
Yellow gold (18kt)
 Pink gold
Pink gold (18kt)
 White gold
White gold (18kt)
1 diamond
?Product No?
Q95530 Yellow gold
Q95534 Pink gold
Q95537 White gold
All accessories such as storage bags and boxes



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