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Reisschema: We have already introduced a series that is perfect for such needs

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Telework and self-control of going out are still continuing, but along with that, the lifestyle has changed variously. I can't afford to buy daily necessities and ingredients every day, so I hear that large bags that hold many things at once are active. We have already introduced a series that is perfect for such needs, but it seems that the so-called bag-in-bag = pouch that can subdivide the contents like a large capacity bag that can hold anything without any hesitation is regaining attention. . With the progress of computerization and the mainstream of small wallets, it is necessary to be aware of this era when choosing a business bag. Not only suits but also jacket styles, the width of the gusset is neither too thin nor too thick, and it has a moderate capacity, stylish and elegant clutch bag, perfect for a light spring style. In recent years, black and navy chic colors have appeared in the series, but this time it has changed. The mellow color that is easy on the eyes makes you delusion of a colonial hotel in the ancient city of Europe, or a view of a white building along the Mediterranean coast. If you look closely, you can see Paisley appearing slightly depending on the amount of light on the white, which is not “pure” that mixes ice white and sand gray. The body bag that can be carried "hand-held" and the styling that has a double bag through the boom of mini bags are becoming more and more varied. Let's steal ideas from snaps by combining body bags and handbags, attaching mini bags and pouches to the bag, and more!


Land Japan
Plaats tokyo
Vertrek 28 mei 2020
Terugkomst 28 juni 2020

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