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Really noble women don’t wear sandals under the skirt

Geplaatst op 31 augustus 2020 om 05:05 uur

More than one customer next to me asked me, do you wear sandals in summer? Why do you feel bad in sandals?

Wearing sandals is not good-looking. In fact, it is not all caused by the bad shape of the feet and the black skin on the back of the instep. It is more because the nail polish is not applied.

?? We always like to apply finger nail polish and stack rings to enhance the richness of the hands and make the hands look better.

The feet are actually the same. The bare beige foot skin and white toenails are really listless and there is no bright spot at all.

??The woman in the right picture with red nail polish has an instantaneous look of delicate feet, and the gorgeous red color cannot be ignored by people's eyes.

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