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Status update van 10 april 2018

Status update - 10 april 2018 om 23:17 uur

Een paar uur terug veilig geland op Dubai! Helaas een tussenstop van 10 uur, dus nog wat tijd om te vullen.....

Status update van 04 april 2018

Status update - 04 april 2018 om 04:18 uur

That was the end of New-Zealand! I'm feeling so good about this trip, even though it could've last forever. I will be back! For now the next stop is Bali! :)

The last days... :(

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 04:16 uur

Day 25: Rotorua to Whakatane/Maraehako Bay ·        

  • New group, small bus ·         
  • The most beautiful place in the world ·         
  • Sweet, sweet hostel in the rocks on the beach ·         
  • Walk over the edge of the sea/rocks to the other side ·         
  • BBQ with new group ·         
  • Amazing weather ·         
  • Went for a swim ·         
  • Playing games and watching wale rider at night      

Day 26: Maraehako Bay to Tatapouri ·        
  • Raining all night and morning ·        
  • Long, long drive to Tatapouri ·        
  • Stop in between by lighthouse at the most east part of New-Zealand ·        
  • Raining all day, bus almost broke down ·        
  • Lovely hostel ·        
  • Weather got a little better ·        
  • Trip to Gisborne: sea, icecream and Warehouse ·        
  • Games (werewolf) and popcorn at night    

Day 27: Tatapouri to Rotorua
  • End of the Eastside; ·        
  • Back to Rotorua (the most smelly city ever); ·        
  • Long drive; ·        
  • Stop Warehouse (Gisborne); ·        
  • Lovely sunny weather; ·        
  • Most beautiful sunrise (probably the one which (...)

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Day 24: Raglan to Waitomo/Rotorua

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:42 uur

Goodmorning people,

Yesterday I wanted to upload al the blogs from the last few days, but unfortunately the website wasn’t working. That’s why I looked for something else. I had heard from Polarsteps, a very nice app that follows all the steps you make. It’s a little bit sad that I had never heard of it before, because otherwise the route would be so much more like it truly was. Then you literally could’ve seen all the hikes I did and stuff like that. But I’m going to try to still do that. We’ll see!

Today I’m going to Rotorua and on our way there we make a stop in (...)

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Two days in one:

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:40 uur

Day 22: Hahei 
  • Watching the sunrise; 
  • Hike to cathedral cave (and some other caves); 
  • Swimming and running on the beach; 
  • Playing volleybay with the new lovely group!

Day 23: Hahei to Raglan
  • The others did some surfing, not me, because I've got a cold and I booked my surfcamp in Bali for 8 days, so I'll go surfing over there!
  • I just went with 'm to the beach to chill and get a little tan;
  • I also made a lovely dinner, played some pool and did some yoga with people from the bus.

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Day 21: Auckland to Hahei

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:35 uur

Goodmorning everybodyyyyyy,

Today will probably be a good day! I’m getting on a new, bigger bus, that means: more new people. I hope there will be some more people like me, just as on the South. But I’m already glad because I will get out of Auckland and that’s a big and positive thing. I really don’t like this city at all (besides the cheaper shops).

However, I don’t really care where I’m coming from, I just really want to go to Hahei! I’ve heard – and seen on some pictures – that this place is absolutely beautiful! So I’m really looking forward to that! On our way there (...)

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Day 20: Paihia to Auckland

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:34 uur

Hi sweet people!

I’m on the bus to Auckland now. I’m definitely not excited about today. I really didn’t like Auckland, because it is just too busy and too crowded over there… So I don’t know what to do today when we arrive.. But it’ll be around 5 o’clock when we get there, so I can just take a shower and chill. Maybe walk around the shops, because that’s the only great thing about Auckland ;p.

This morning I went for a walk over the beach again. I wanted to do a hike which should’ve took me 4 hours, but the tides were high, so I couldn’t walk along the (...)

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Day 19: Cape Reinga Day Trip

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:32 uur

Hello again,

Today I had a lovely day! We went to Cape Reinga and I felt so relaxed afterword’s. This was planned by another organization, so that’s why there were also people from the other bus. I was very glad about that, because I still had an amazing day with them. The trip took a lot of hours and we saw a lot. The views were absolutely stunning. I saw a lot of beaches and we even drove over the beach with the bus. And this was a lovely long drive.

We also went sandboarding in the dunes and it was so much fun. It’s like snowboarding on the (...)

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Day 18: Auckland to Paihia (Bay of Islands)

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:31 uur

Hello again beauties!

First of all, I want to tell you about the ‘great’ experience I’ve had last night. I woke up around 1.30 am because I’ve heard a lot of people scream on the streets (because Auckland is so unbelievably  busy and occupied). When I got back to sleep, I only slept for a few minutes, because after that I woke up by some kind of alarm.

I thought it was just an alarm of some car or something, because that happens over there during the whole night. But soon I realized it was the fire-alarm.. Okay, what to do: I grabbed my bag with al of my (...)

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Day 17: Queenstown to Auckland

Bericht - 04 april 2018 om 03:29 uur


Oke, I will go on in English again. How are you all doing? Had a great day? Unfortunately the activity I booked for this morning was kind of canceled… I wanted to do the Nevis bungy, the highest one in New Zealand… ? But it was too windy and therefore it was too dangerous to do it. I could’ve wait a little longer, because it was supposed to be less windy, but because I needed to catch my flight, I didn’t.. Such a shame, because I was excited for this all week since I’ve booked it on Monday or something.. ?

But the good thing is, because I (...)

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