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Status update van 15 maart 2018

Status update - 15 maart 2018 om 03:37 uur


Day 14: Milford Sound/Piopiotahi and Gunn’s Camp

Bericht - 15 maart 2018 om 03:36 uur

Helloooooo everybody,

Today I went to Milford Sound and it was sooooo beautiful. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t that good, but we’ve still seen some sun. I also saw a lot of Te Namu/sandflies and they are TERRIBLE. It’s like a mosquito and it itches SO MUCH. Mãori legend has one explanation: Tü te Rakiwhanoa carved the fiords with his kõ/digging stick, saving the finest creation for Milford Sound/Piopiotahi. When Hine-nui-te-po, the goddess of death inspected his work, she feared that humans would be so entranced by its beauty that they would forget their mortality. So she introduced Te Namu to remind them not to linger. I’m even teaching you stuff (...)

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Day 13: Queenstown

Bericht - 15 maart 2018 om 03:35 uur


We’re with the Dutchies too and we’ve also added some other nationalities to the group, so we could speak some more English in stead of Dutch. Ow, and they were nice too ;p. No really, we have got a very nice group and that’s why I’ll find it very hard to leave ‘m tomorrow because they’re stuck in Queenstown.. But hey: new people, new adventures.

Today was also a very long drive with lots of stops and we had a little bit of a hangover, so it was a long day and a shower was one of the first things I wanted to do. But two (Dutch) (...)

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Day 12: Wanaka

Bericht - 15 maart 2018 om 03:34 uur

Helloooooo there,

Today we will get back on the stray bus. After an amazing night with the whole group of Stray people and some other people we’ve met. We went to the bar next door to play some pool and have some drinks. When the bar was closing – already at half past eleven – some of us went to the place where some of the other people we’ve met stayed. We’ve watched the stars and had a great time.

We have multiple stops on the way to Wanaka, because it’ll take a while to get there. We will stop at some amazing places like a little blue river (...)

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Day 11: Fox Glacier

Bericht - 10 maart 2018 om 05:23 uur

Hi Guyssssss,

Karina and I did a hike today. It was like 13 km in total and we walk to and around Matheson lake. It was really stunning! I’ll try again to upload some pic’s, but I think it won’t work, because they’re just too pretty again ;p. Or because of the quality of the camera, I don’t know.

It’s very quiet over here. The Stray bus went to Wanaka yesterday and only 5 people got out in Fox Glacier (including Karina and me). Karina is one of the Dutchies I’ve met here and it’s a lot of fun spending time with here, so I’m totally happy with the fact (...)

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Six days in a row

Bericht - 10 maart 2018 om 05:00 uur

Day 5: Abel Tasman: Canyoning
Day 6: Motueka (extra day): with the girls in the park and going to the cinema
Day 7: Murchison/Westport: brewery, bbq and pooling at the bar
Day 8: Franz Josef: Hangover, mostly on the bus, great great weather and the bar again
Day 9: Franz Josef: Heli Hike, Hot Pools and just very chilly
Day 10: Fox Glacier: Little walk around Fox Glacier, chilling, eating and walking

LOTS OF LOVE <3 (...)

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Day 4: Picton to Abel Tasman

Bericht - 10 maart 2018 om 04:58 uur

Hey there lovely people,

Hot day today! It’s amazing, but because I’ve been a bit sunburned it hurts to. I’m kind of lucky to be traveling a lot today. That means shadow and some lovely stops in the sun!

My view at the moment: I’m seeing a paraglider and I’m still in Picton, because the bus had a delay for two hours. Just the same as yesterday, because of the storm and the earthquake the road wasn’t really available, bla bla bla. But we’re going to drive now to Abel Tasman and I’m still with two of the three people I’ve met yesterday. With the girl from Holland I’ve (...)

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Day 3: Part two

Bericht - 10 maart 2018 om 04:57 uur

Yeah here I am again. Still in Picton! But I wanted to tell you about the very lovely hike I did with 3 other people I’ve met. They’re really cool and one girl is even from Holland ????. We went on a hike through the mountains and it was like 17 km’s. We’ve had so many great views over there, it was just stunning!!

Unfortunately I can’t upload any pictures, because they’re too beautiful… Well, that’s not really true, but the files are too big, so I can’t get ‘m uploaded, so: too beautiful ????.

Now I’m going to shower for like an hour, because I’m all sweaty. After (...)

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Day 3: Christchurch to Kaikoura/Picton

Bericht - 10 maart 2018 om 04:52 uur

Hey guyssss!

I’ve met some lovely people today on the bus to Kaikoura! The plan was to stay in Kaikoura, but all hostels were fully booked, so I decided to stay on the bus and go to Picton instead! There they ensure us we can sleep somewhere! Even with a meal! ????

Now were driving at the coast and I’m seeing seals everywhere! I even saw some dolphins, but they were much further, so I only saw ‘something’ jumping. I wanted to swim with ‘m in Kaikoura, but I’m going to save that for Curacao I guess.. I would like that more if I can do it with my looooove (...)

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Took a walk and been to Wildlife Reserve

Bericht - 01 maart 2018 om 10:04 uur


As promised: in Engelish (maybe also the last time ;p). Today was a nice day, the weather was lovely: 23 degrees which felt like 30, maybe because I took a little walk.... I don't know how many km's it was, but you can see it for yourself!

I saw some amazing nature, animals and one amazing book. I really want to thank my lovie for doing this. The book contains pictures and stories from some of the people I love and it really gave me new energy!!

Buttttt... now I don't have energy anymore. Time for some sleep. Tomorrow I'm going (...)

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