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Practical Guide to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll 2

Geplaatst op 07 februari 2021 om 04:22 uur

Use TPE glue
During this process, the first thing you need to do is to find the damaged or torn area of ??the doll. Next, get a small tool that can be used to apply TPE glue to tears. A practical guide to repair damaged dolls After applying glue to the silicone skin of the sex doll, pull the torn sides together. It is important to ensure that the patch is pressed for a minute or more until it is intact again. 
But before applying TPE glue, it is important to clean the damaged surface first.
This is to remove any dirt or excess grease that might prevent the glue from sticking cleanly. You can wipe the damaged area with 70% isopropyl alcohol. In addition, you need to wear gloves when repairing tears. When you are ready, use a fine-pointed tool or spatula to apply TPE repair glue on the inner surface of the tear fluid. Make sure that the tip of the spatula does not drip too much, as this will further damage the skin of the sex doll. After applying TPE glue, pull the two sides of the crack together.
 Keep the tear together until the sides rejoin together. Once the lacerations are tied together, the excess glue will be squeezed out.
Take a paper towel or any clean cloth and wipe it off the doll’s skin. In addition, avoid rubbing excess glue with your fingers, as this will leave excess fingerprints and marks.
After the glue dries, make sure that there is no tension on the surface of the doll so that the wound can be reopened. You should also place the doll in such a way that the critical surface that will not be fixed is subject to any tension. Leave it for 24 hours. Hot air gun programIn this process, what you need is a typical 1.5 kW heat gun.
You can buy it anywhere on Amazon or online. First, use petroleum jelly or baby oil to clean the surface of the doll that needs to be fixed. There are two purposes for applying either. First, it will clean and disinfect the surface of the doll. Second, it will make the applied heat distribution more uniform.
Needless to say, if you don't want to burn your doll's skin, it is important to apply oil or petroleum jelly. After applying petroleum jelly or baby oil evenly, continue to aim the heat gun at the damaged skin. It is important to note that you must pay attention to the distance between the skin of the doll and the heat gun.
Distance of about four inches is advisable. Practical Guide to Repair Your Damaged Sex Doll The next thing that you need to do is to reach the needed temperature, That being said, the melting point of the silicon used fo a sex doll's skin is around 110 degrees Celcius. After heating for a couple of minutes, you will notice a glaze-like mirror finish.
After that, get a clean cloth and feather out the surface damage caused by abrasions. Repeat this process several times with intervals for cooling until the abrasion disappears. Heating and cooling the doll surface is the key to getting a smooth finish.


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