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The reasoning about the nature of leadership is rooted in the distant past because the human history has been always considered as result of appearance of eminent personalities. For centuries, this phenomenon has been studied by philosophers, sociologists and psychologists. As a result, many of them believe that this phenomenon was not created by humanity because “leadership” is inside every person since their birth. Others insist that people are becoming leaders through the environment (theory defining the role of followers), but the main idea of all existing theories is that the leader is interpreted as someone who is the most successful among other people. Read more about good leadership on this blog https://essays-writers.org/free-essays/leadership/good-leadership
Employees follow the leader because he or she is able to offer them options to meet requirements of a client. It is great honor to be elected as a leader in medicine. This means that a person has all the typical features for this post. Traits that a true leader should have incorporate openness, determination and courage, curiosity, ability to listen to others, attentiveness and critical mood, confidence and peace of mind, flexibility and sensitivity, being result-oriented rather than process, rich life experience, being free from prejudice. With the development of social life, system of leadership became more complicated and has multiplied the appropriate connections and relationships. From personal leadership society passed into to more complex forms. Formal and informal leadership are distinguished in organizations.
Formal leadership is the process of influencing people from a position of an office worker. Informal leadership is the process of influencing people by their abilities, skills or other resources. It occurs on the basis of personal relationships involved. This is called the nature of leadership, unlike deliberately selected heads. Informal leader is elected spontaneously. He or she does not have any public authority and official duties outside the group. If a supervisor is not simultaneously an informal leader, he or she will destroy the staff and the effectiveness of the health care organization. What may happen is that there will be a conflict between formal and informal leaders.
In addition, formal and informal leaders can be divided also by the special criteria such as by purposes (a) an inspirer that offers a standard of behavior; (b) a performer; c) a leader, who inspires and helps in performing different problems. Moreover, leaders can be divided by their leadership style (a) authoritarian; (b) democratic; (c) that combines elements of both styles.
Political consciousness is a system of ideas, theories, opinions, feelings, beliefs, emotions, people, moods, which reflect the nature, the material life of society and the whole system of social relations. Every leader in today's health care organizations should have knowledge in political aspects of their work. In other words, they should know the system of rules that executed under the law of the state. Nurse leaders should be aware of political cases and participate as advocates to influence changes in policy, laws or regulations that govern health care system. Nurse leaders, for example, should be prepared to do various actions of patient’s treatment at any moment. However, before that they need to know not only medical rules, but also be politically aware because in our time there are enough examples of imprudent conduct of health workers: illegal drugs, not accurate diagnoses etc. Medical leader should understand that human life depends on his or her actions. If they are illegal, nurses may recall the Hippocratic Oath and be accused in court. Certainly, an important aspect for a leader should not only be political consciousness, but awareness of the latest opportunities in health care system.
To help health care leaders to stay aware of medical news, the American Nurses Association (ANA) was created. ANA remains to be the only professional establishment that represents more than three million registered nurses nationwide. All members are informed about the current political events in the health care system. At these meetings, all nurses improve their skills in technology and their abilities to make decisions. They are developing an understanding of appropriate actions and policy processes; enhance the ability to anticipate and adapt to a rapid change and chaos. This medical organization will help them keep up with the time and remain successful employees, which is an important factor in any job.


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