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Short girls dress well in autumn

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Autumn is a lukewarm season and the comfort level is very good. Autumn is also a time to wear neither too much nor too little, when it's easiest to get dressed to look your best. Short women have to dress very carefully because they are so short, so that they can cover up your short stature.
So what should short girls pay attention to when they wear clothes in autumn?
1, long with short The rule of choosing long clothes: long clothes at least 5CM above the knee, it is best to cover the PP on the line, do not wear to cover the knee or not over the knee jacket. According to the season, choose short skirts, shorts, leggings and so on. Zhou xun is less than 160 in height, as a star, there will be a professional guidance team, so you can refer to her life photos, learn to use!
2, short with long If the jacket is short, it will be completely short, neither long nor short is the most ugly; Short jacket can match slim trousers, play the role of elongating the line, but do not match long trousers.
3. Small design Dress patterns should be small and delicate and match your figure. Avoid clothes with large patterns.
4. The stripes are vertical Vertical stripes act as a visual stretch, so be sure not to wear horizontal stripes.
5. Overall simplicity Too many layers of clothes, for a person of low stature seems complicated and dragging, the center of gravity down, short legs are easy to highlight the shortcomings.
6. Shallow with deep Point: go up shallow next deep, the whole body has administrative level feeling. Clothing color is best to choose the same color system, can let the upper and lower body melt into a whole, will not appear to highlight that part of the problem. In this way, the shortcoming of short legs is not obvious. The problem with collocation of color department, I had written an article to narrate in detail, everybody has interest to be able to pay close attention to me, find my other article.
7, heel 5CM, shoe tube but legs High-heeled shoes 5 cm for the best, wear tall boots, not to the calf. Too high a heel and too long a tube can cause legs, which, out of proportion, will make legs appear shorter. One is not long, two is not fat Whether the length of the jacket said in front, or the heel of high-heeled shoes and tube shoes, as well as the daily bag can not be too long; Autumn winter season, thick fleecy long money clothes do not buy (such a short money is no problem), the reason is very simple: already short, again one fat, resemble what? Wax gourd!
9. Focus up On the integral effect of the dress, want to notice to pass the collocational content of a few dress, be like, necklace, pin and silk scarf will highlight the dress effect of coat! The reason is simple: height is something we want to avoid, so why should people pay special attention to our legs?Read more at:https://formaldressau.com/collections/purple-formal-dresses | https://formaldressau.com/collections/short-formal-dresses


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