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Men's formal dress and the first dress also have night and day wear and design differences

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<P>Men's formal dress and the first dress also have night and day wear and design differences</P>
<P>Formal dress is usually a slightly dressed tuxedo and morning wear, style design and tuxedo and morning wear the biggest difference is that there is no tuxedo, closer to the men's suit now. In the modern grand occasion the original department tuxedo and the morning dress dress is replaced from this much.</P>
<P>Let's start with the Tastal gown:</P>
<P>Like the first tuxedo, the tuxedo is worn by men for formal occasions after 6 p.m. For example, attending a formal dinner; The dance; Opera; Awarding ceremony; The grand occasion such as cocktail wears this kind of formal dress more, it compares doxedo deft and concise, facilitate activity.</P>
<P>The first Tasto dress appeared in 1886. In the United States, there was a place called Tasto nearby in New York. In 1814, a family named Pierre Loriard got the place and formed a community of its own in 1886, and the status became prominent gradually. A new style of tuxedo dress, which was worn by men at dinner parties, was called a tuxedo. Tower and dress the form characteristics similar to ordinary suit, the front flap a grain of buttons, round, get model using the same form as the tuxedo, pocket with satin double line with cover form, which vest with garment fabric U type four buckles dress vest, also some people long to wear with black fabric made from card crepe lace closure system in the waist instead of a vest, pants with side seam with satin trim with material of double foot trousers. The shirt is matched with white winged collar, the dress shirt with folds in the chest, and the black bow tie. Generally, there is a black bow tie on the invitation card of formal occasions in the evening, which is to wear the hint of tustedo dress, and cannot be understood as only a black bow tie.</P>
<P>Tasto dresses are made in black or dark blue in the spring and winter, and white in the summer. The style is often made of a short coat, similar to a tuxedo with the tail removed. It's called a summer tastol dress.</P>
<P>And a plain morning dress:</P>
<P>Day gowns in the same style as the Tastol gowns are the version of the big dress. Their basic form is similar to that of the ordinary suit. One of their iconic features is the single row of one or two buttons on the peak-top. In our everyday men's suits, there are very few single-breasted banquette heads. They are usually double-breasted banquette heads, so this is the signature feature of Tastol day gowns.</P>
<P>The Tusto dress, the day dress and the evening dress became similar and simplified in the process of evolution, but they could not replace each other, so people created a kind of everyday dress that had no time limit in the ordinary ceremonial occasions, namely, the black suit. What are the features of the black suit?</P>
<P>And the black suit:</P>
<P>In ceremonial obviously occasions and requirements are strictly forbidden to grave formal occasions, if there is no requirement for clothes do particularity, as a kind of insurance safety consideration, wearing a black suit is best, this is the modern man the new concept of the social appearance, because this costume from the etiquette of the time, occasion as well as the level limit, can be widely in use, and tie-in combination can also be designed according to the hobby, is very welcomed by the men, therefore, become a modern social situation is relatively common</P>
<P>Men's wear.</P>
<P>On the other hand, the formal dress is different from the casual dress. For reasons of formality, the black suit has certain norms in its form. First, black became the color of base (black is one of the men dress special color), while the rest of the color, dark brown, for example, a few warm color series such as dark red is not one of them, this is a taboo in the men's dress color (especially in funeral or farewell ceremony), secondly, deserve to act the role of color also should avoid to use gorgeous colour, so called black suit is almost become the pronoun of dress. The connotation of black dress is deep and elegant suit. Its structure form usually adopts double row of four buckle gun barge collar, no pocket cover double open line, and the same material with non-turning mouth pants. This black dress is worn with a regular neckline; Either a plica shirt or a regular shirt will do. Wear it with a black bow tie or a silver gray tie. Another style is black gowns in the form of a double-row, six-button, banquette head.</P>
<P>Black suit with the development of the history of precipitation society is gradually from the dress in the transitional phase, with daily suit its plasticity, if it is to replace the black suit gun collar with satin, is completely can be used as a formal occasions to wear with tower and dress in use at the same time have to wear black suit in the same place, you can also use black three-piece suit instead of a general suit to wear.</P>
<P>To sum up, the modeling of the dress on the etiquette program can be summarized as follows: the main color of the fabric of the dress is a fine imitation fabric of black or dark color; Pants for the non - foot mouth pants, shirt collar than the enterprise collar more solemn and gorgeous; The bow tie is more suitable than the tie for the occasion, and with evening wear, Tusto dress with black bow tie, but the tuxedo with white bow tie; Another is that the peak is the universal collar of the dress; The satin green fruit is the most gorgeous and suitable for the evening; There is also the dress dress pockets in the form of double slit more solemn than the clamped pouch LIDS; In addition to the first dress accidental dress are not set back slit; Dress sleeve fork decoration buckle four than three buckle more solemn; Then the dress taboo warm colors.</P>


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