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Precautions for using the laser pointer!

Geplaatst op 19 augustus 2021 om 10:37 uur

Nowadays, Laser pointer are not uncommon on campuses. Many students will have it, and most of them can be bought directly at the stationery store. Laser pointers can emit beautiful light, which attracts many students to use laser pointers as toys. However, because the improper use of laser pointers often causes harm to the human body, many people think that small laser pointers are harmful? Many schools have carried out campus safety publicity to students, but they still haven't attracted the attention of students.In addition to safety, the green laser pointer must be used with caution in certain occasions. In some art galleries, laser pointers are not allowed to be brought into museums because the pigments of some works are easily affected by light. In order to maintain its integrity, the laser pointer is not allowed to irradiate. Similarly, in a zoo, laser fences can easily scare animals. The zoo should not use laser pointers. Astronomers should pay attention when pointing the laser pointer at the stars. Do not use the pointer frequently or for a long time, so as not to affect others' stargazing and taking pictures. In crowded public places, you should stop using lasers to avoid hurting others. Some high-power laser pointers will produce obvious thermal effects and cannot be used continuously for a long time, especially for temperature-sensitive solid-state lasers.Some cat owners like to tease cats with laser pointers. Many people think that the structure of cats is different from that of humans, so they think that laser pointers will not affect cats. But in fact, the damage of laser to cat eyes is much higher than the damage to human eyes. harm. The laser emits a strong light that makes the eyes uncomfortable. If the laser is aimed at the eyes of cats or people, it may cause eye damage and vision problems.


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