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Besides having sex with sex dolls in bed, what else can you do?

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When it comes to sex in different locations, sex dolls are great. But sex is not the only thing they are good at. You can also do many other interesting things with sex dolls to spend time with you. With the rapid development of technology in the sex doll industry, they will do more to make them feel like our real human beings.

In addition to having sex with sex dolls in bed, there are many other interesting things you need to try. For example, bathing, role playing, photography, etc. Let's take a look at some exciting things that sex dolls can do besides having sex.

1. Role Play
If you want to try something different and interesting instead of having sex with a doll in bed, then you should try role-playing. It will feel different, and you will have the opportunity to interact with sex dolls in many ways. In addition, when you play different roles in the doll, you will be able to realize all sexual fantasies.

Prepare clothes:
When preparing clothes, please consider the role the sex doll will play. The role can be a nurse, teacher, stewardess, doctor, maid or your favorite TV movie role. Once the role of the doll is figured out, it is easy to prepare the clothes.

When buying clothes for a doll, the most important thing you need to consider is measurement. The wrong size will ruin the overall appearance of your doll. Find the most accurate size on the website where you bought the doll.

You can shop in stores or online. In terms of design, choose something that appeals to your eyes.

be careful
The clothes of sex dolls need to be light-colored to avoid soiling the materials. You need to avoid faded clothes because they will distort your doll. Another thing you need to pay attention to is the size. Forcing clothes that are too big may cause harm to our sex dolls.??? On the other hand, oversized clothes are not attractive.

Props: These are the things that accompany the character you choose. For example, when the doctor is wearing surgical masks, gloves, etc., the teacher will be around crutches or books. If you can use the props, role-playing will be more interesting.

Script: You can get scripts from your favorite TV shows or novels. For example, in a private lesson, the teacher can bend over to pick something from the floor.

Dress up the doll as a hot nurse and pretend that she is seeing you in a hospital bed. Then start the blow job from there, and then start with a happy ending.

Wash clothes immediately after purchase. If your clothes lose color, please avoid using them on dolls. Another important thing is to keep your affairs organized. For example, you need to set the atmosphere of the house by lighting candles or installing LEDs.

Role-playing is one of the best things besides having sex. You only need to set up a nice environment and get the right props to make it real and exciting.

2. Having sex with sex dolls in the bath
This is one of my favorite things. In addition to having sex on the bed, you can also do it with a doll. It is fun and easy to set up.

In order to bathe and have sex, you need to prepare things such as water, shower gel, lubricant and dry towels. Preparation is very important because it allows you to enter it without any problems.

Shower gel: For dolls after clean sex life

Dry towel: for drying dolls

Lubricant: wet doll vagina, easy to penetrate

In addition, if your sex doll does not have a standing function, you need to prepare a bathtub.

be careful
1. Do not use water with too high temperature when taking a bath. The high temperature resistance of TPE is about 80 degrees, and the high temperature resistance of silica gel is 200-300 degrees. ZLOVEDOLL recommends that you use warm water that does not exceed 40 degrees. This temperature is suitable for you and your sex doll.

2. Except for high temperature, do not bathe in very cold water, because it can easily deform the doll.

3. Another thing you need to avoid is to use abrasive cleaning products or soaps.

4. You also need to avoid oiling the doll as much as possible. This is because the oil is not easy to wash off.

You can choose to let the sex doll stand in the bathroom or lie in the bathtub. Sometimes, the couple will take a bath together and make love. You can do the same with sex dolls and feel the intimacy.

Of course, showering is the most important thing. The water can be cold or cold, depending on how you prefer. However, it should not be too hot, as it will make you uncomfortable and may burn your sex doll. Make it as comfortable as possible so that you can spend more time making love and admiring the view of the sex doll.

The bed is not the only place where you can have sex with the doll. After the shower, you can also love the doll. This allows you to break the rules and experience a different environment.

3. Make up sex dolls
You may have seen people with makeup look completely like celebrities. This can also be applied to sex dolls, as it can help you experience other novelties. People cheat because they are tired of having sex with the same person for a long time. Applying different makeup and changing hairstyles will make your doll look like new.

Your sex doll looks like the person you want to have sex with. Once you are tired of a certain look, you can switch to a new look, which is just as good as the new look.

One of the easiest ways to change the appearance of a sex doll is to change the hairstyle by using a wig that matches your fantasy or celebrity. In addition, you can purchase corresponding clothing and products that help maintain the wig.

Cosmetics, such as lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, etc. In addition, you also need to have the skills to apply such make p so that your doll looks the same as your fantasy. However, if you don’t know what to do, don’t worry, because you can check out some tutorials on YouTube.

Avoid products that make you and your doll uncomfortable. For example, certain scented wig products may irritate people. Make-up may also cause permanent damage to your precious sex doll.

The size of the wig and props should be accurate to make it look more realistic. In addition, you need to research the original products of cosmetics (such as lipsticks) to get a humble experience.

1. Avoid using alcohol-based cosmetics as they will damage your doll

2. Pay attention to the size of the wig.

3. Avoid using irritating chemicals such as turpentine, bleach or nail polish remover

4. Do not apply concealer or foundation.

5. The fluffy cotton is easily caught by the doll's eyelashes; so you should avoid using it

6. Avoid using oily Cole eyeliner or liquid eyeliner because they may be too dirty

7. Do not use regular paint or sharp pens

After finishing all the props, you can start makeup. Make sure that the baby's face has been properly dried with a clean dry towel. Whether you want to start with eyes, lips or cheeks, you can. Go for it.
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