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Why are silicone love dolls so expensive?

Geplaatst op 17 september 2020 om 15:40 uur

From time to time, when meeting customers who are particularly sensitive to prices, I usually tell them this truth: "Low prices always mean high risk. We always follow the principle of equal exchange in trading. Less payment is often a higher risk. In this highly competitive market, our silicone love dolls are very reasonably priced. Maybe our price is not so low or not really what you need, but the cost You need to provide a highly effective silicone love doll. Usually, engineering procurement staff are more concerned about risk than price.


Also, "don't give up the price lightly" unless you explicitly state that you want to buy a love doll. Do not easily use low prices to motivate purchases as they are early in the sales process. Price cuts are a killer tool for your psychological defense against potential customers at critical moments. If you use it early, there is nothing on your journey. Too many sales lose orders but prices go down.

You need to consider the value of the product first, then the price

When introducing a silicone big butt love doll to a customer, sales reps should not prematurely propose or discuss prices. Before discussing pricing, you need to wait for your customers to have a minimum understanding of the value of your product. The more motivated customers are to buy silicone dolls, the less they think about price issues. However, our nigga promises that the price of love dolls is very reasonable and the profit margin is very low, provided that the quality of the product is ensured.


Different people have different opinions about Aiwa. Some people like them. Some people think sex dolls are a little weird. Due to the unfortunate portrayal of popular culture in the media, some people take a very strict view of this.
If your partner cannot accept a love doll, you may break up. So unless you think you only need a sex doll, how to accept a partner is very important.

If you care about your partner and want her to accept the doll, you may need to spend a few minutes reading this article. In this article, I'll give you some helpful tips to tell your partner. Therefore, this article will show you how to share a love doll with your partner or loved one. First, think about why you bought a love doll and why you bought it?


Lack of sex

Some people don't want to have sex or talk to others. Second, you need a love doll cheap to solve your sexual desire. Some people bought love dolls to heal their feelings of loneliness and loneliness, while others bought love dolls to think about difficult times because they just lost their lover and weren't ready to build new relationships with others. Some people did.

Masturbation is different from sex and I want to have sex every time (porn / sex addiction, masturbation and sex are different). Interesting sex dolls are sex toys, so some people buy sex dolls to enhance their sex enjoyment. You can forge a trio with your partner, recreate various sexual illusions, and discover new ones.


Tips for Introducing Aiwawa to Your Partner Simply put, you need to first introduce Aiwawa to your partner and ask him what you think about time. There is good reason to tell him at the right time. please do not worry. It's strange to see Aiwawa for the first time, so remember how you felt when you saw Aiwawa and put yourself in your place for the first time.

Tip: Rules

1: Have a good sense of humor around you

When you're having fun chatting, you can jokingly talk about love doll images. Do not let your partner know as you need to know if your partner will be accepted. Next, I will talk a lot about Aiwa.

Always pour in the benefits of your beloved doll. Let her and him gradually eliminate their prejudice against dolls. One day, if your partner's reaction to a love doll isn't very strong, you can tell your partner that you need a love doll and choose a good time to explain why you want to do it. It's best to persuade him. And tell your partner that you won't change your mind for this, and you still love me as usual.


2. Be patient and be patient

For women, she is most worried about anxiety. First of all, I would like to persuade the other party. First, you need to be a good partner and patiently persuade them, especially women. Maybe you told her you have or want to buy a life-sized doll, they think too much that you don't love her or do bad things yourself. Therefore, your attitude is very important to bring security to your partner.

3. Justification for owning a doll

Maybe your partner loves you so much that you can quickly convince him / her. But unfortunately, for most people, having a love doll is embarrassing. That's why you need to own a love doll.

4. Don't think too much

Don't think too much before talking to the other person. This is just two situations, whether the other person accepts it. Next, you should think about what the other person should not do.

5. Find the right person

In fact, if your partner loves you enough and you love each other enough, loving a love doll small is not a problem in your relationship. Because she / he tolerates your little willfulness. Therefore, the key is to find the right person. As I said, birds with the same wings gather. Your partner can understand the hobbies of your behavior and even have the same hobbies. You can talk about love dolls together and even pay with love dolls.


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