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How about having sex with a sex doll?

Are you interested in adult AXB Dolls? Or are you just thinking about this option and wondering what it looks like? There is nothing embarrassing, countless people from all over the world fell in love with Aiwawa.



Why not? Adult love dolls are always available, so no matter how rough you are, you won't have any problems. I will reply to you today with a big question, "But how do you feel about her?", Specifically, "What is it like to have sex with Aiwawa?"

Before starting the general myth about adult sex dolls

You may have heard a lot of bad news about adult dolls. The most common statement of a sex doll destroyer is:

Adult JY Dolls can only be seen in photos. In real life, they are completely disturbed.

They are as cold as corpses.
Getting one is a bad investment because they collapse quickly.
It's boring to have sex with an adult love doll.
These statements have some advantages, but only apply to the cheapest models. High-end sex dolls are not only really great, they're soft wherever you want and where you need them. In addition, silicone and TPE love dolls keep you warm for a long time, so if you take certain measures, touching her will make you feel like you're squeezing your favorite porn star.

Speaking of the above measures, if the following conditions are met, the experience of using wmdoll for adults can be greatly improved.



Not only is it entertaining to use a lot of lubricant, but it also avoids damaging the doll.
Warm the doll using a heating blanket or a USB vaginal heater. Silicone or TPE dolls are especially good at keeping heat.

Do not use her for oral sex unless she is specially designed for this purpose. There are more in the future.

Clean properly after use unless you plan to clean it again soon.

Touch and kiss adult sex dolls and oral sex

In addition to its supple feel, the high-end Sanhui Doll looks just like the real thing. They are based on existing women (usually true pornstars) and have been further enhanced to make them even more attractive. This rule extends to specific shapes of the face, chest, donkey, and even the vagina and anus. If you need them, there are even flat-chested love dolls.

Adult love dolls have attractive, soft lips and a beautiful face. When you kiss her, her mouth opens and responds perfectly to you. You can also feel her tongue and teeth. The kiss looks so real that if you take your eyes off her for enough time to close your eyes, you may forget that she is a love doll.



Speaking of doll mouths that adults love, oral sex should be avoided in most cases. Lots of lubricants help warm the doll, which helps you, but she doesn't provide suction and does no work for you. If you need a sense of oral sex, it's best to choose another much cheaper masturbation aid. In addition, depending on the adult xycolo doll model, violent oral sex can hurt her and spoil her beauty.

No one wants it.

Vaginal Sex With Adult Sex Dolls-How Does It Feel?
The vagina of an adult doll is molded from the vagina of a real woman. It's soft, flexible, and anatomically correct, so it fits perfectly. Keep in mind that a larger sex doll will stretch Aiwa's vagina, as Aiwa's production takes your joy into account. If you're a little smaller, she stays tight (you shouldn't do that anyway), assuming you don't share her with anyone.

Yes, the vagina of a real love doll isn't that warm at first, but you can easily mitigate this drawback. Buy a USB vaginal heater and insert it into her vagina minutes before private time. Even if you don't do this, your own temperature will quickly disappear from her. Patience is a virtue, even if you have sex with a doll.

One of the things you should always check is to use a lot of lubricant. High-end love dolls are extremely durable and can withstand many shocks, but drying does not surprise her tightness and integrity. The vagina of your sex doll is thoroughly cared for. Please handle it well, and we will respond in kind.


Anal sex and love dolls-no, she doesn't care

A fine adult love doll Lori has a goddess ass. It would be a big waste not to use it, right? You can hit her ass casually and her cheeks swing like the real thing. The best part is that if you are taken a little and hit her hard, she won't complain.

And if you feel good, you'll be happy to know that Aiwawa's anus is as functional and anatomically correct as the vagina. You can familiarize yourself with it and use it as you like. It's incredible and clearly different from using her front. Remember, you can't stop warming her with an anal vaginal heater.

Conclusion-what you get
Of course, everything described here applies only (or almost) to high-end sex life-size love dolls. Get as much investment as you can in a real relationship. If you buy an inflatable doll, you will get an inflatable love doll. But if you invest in a wonderful adult love doll, you will get a long-lasting happy companion.


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