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A few questions you must know about buying love dolls

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How to Avoid Love Doll Scams?
A good rule to follow when buying a first-person doll is to avoid fake Love Doll scams and the use of replicas. I will not discuss this issue. If you need a real love doll, buy a real love doll at Dachiwife. It's certain that real dolls pop up from time to time on these sites, but most of the time, the love dolls listed on these sites are called fake love dolls (replicas) due to their original mold and poor quality. It may be a toxic substance. Do this or cheat you with stolen pictures and serve others. That is, you can even deliver.


A fake love doll is a fake or imitation doll made with a stolen design at an unauthorized Dodge factory, with certificates/security checks/quality control rarely reaching zero. Often at these factories, you buy real dolls from legitimate manufacturers and copy them in your own factories. Then steal the actual photos of the original manufacturer and use them as "baits" to attract customers, and then switch to inferior dolls, a deceptive trick of the classic "baits and switches". It was The love doll in the photo is not the one I received. Like many other branded counterfeit products you see, they are very similar, but some are incorrect. The same thing happened to sex dolls. This is a complete fraud. The appearance of the fake doll looks like the photo, but is obviously inferior in quality, with zero manufacturing warranty, zero hazard inspection (made of harmful recycled TPE), and non-compliance with quality control regulations. , Safety is ensured. Criminal offense. If you buy a cheap fake doll, get a cheap fake doll. The horror story we heard was that people even received TPE love dolls, or even dolls without real vagina or anus-what's the fun now?


Verified suppliers are those who have established partnerships with well-known and respected doll manufacturers and are entitled to distribute real dolls worldwide. They provide dolls, non-replicas, manufactured by the manufacturer. Verified vendors offer money back guarantees for all purchases and support your products with confidence. They provide detailed information about the maker of love dolls you would like to check. After the production is complete, we will provide you with the detailed studio photo of the exact love doll for personal review/approval before shipping. Verified vendors can offer full customization options and are willing to discuss personal requirements or your own customizations. They will provide their registered address and complete contact information in the country in which they operate. You can answer your questions and give you reasonable advice on your broad knowledge about sex dolls before you make a purchase, so you are right with your choice Can be sure Most importantly, they will offer secure and encrypted payment methods through their website.


How to wash a love doll?
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced sex doll owner, the most important thing you need to know is how to properly clean and maintain it. It is not cheap to buy, so I would like you to use your favorite doll as long as possible.

Best way to keep your love doll clean

Make sure your Labdoll wash is always fresh by following this step-by-step guide.

Bathing or bathing dolls

You can take a bath with the doll if you want. In each case, keep the following tips in mind:

Hot water easily damages sex dolls (especially TPE dolls). Therefore, it is recommended to use medium temperature water.

Do not water or spray the doll's head. You don't want your love doll to start to form and start to rust.

If possible, remove the doll's head before taking a shower or bathing. Next, wrap a few layers of aluminum foil (or plastic) around the neck and seal.


Rather than placing the doll directly on the bath or shower floor, use a towel to prevent scratches.

Rub your doll gently by hand using odorless and mild antibacterial soap.

Remember to keep the metal parts dry.

How to clean the vagina/anus/oral cavity?

To clean the openings, it is recommended that you use a water spray to spray the openings with water and let the water drain out of the openings. If you don't have a water dispenser but are cold and soft, you can use the included shower hose.
Alternatively, you can use a damp (soft) cloth and manually clean with warm soapy water. Thoroughly clean all areas of the opening.
You can also clean the opening while taking a shower or bathing on the doll with your hand or a small sponge (see above for skeletons)
Use all cleaning methods. Open the doll's legs slightly, open the vagina and anus in the air, and let them air dry. Do not leave the doll's legs too far apart. It can be damaged over time.
When the doll is completely dry, punch it with a little petrolatum.
Do not use abrasive soaps or other harsh chemical cleaners.


How can I clean the face of a sex doll?

Remove head from body
If possible, remove the wig.
Apply warm antibacterial agent Soak a sponge or cotton cloth in soapy water and gently massage your face.
Note: Makeup is semi-permanent and can be discolored or removed with mineral oil, so it is recommended to avoid excessive cleaning and rubbing to maintain the life of the makeup.
Take special care not to damage your eyes or eyelashes, and avoid getting these areas wet.
If you want to remove your eyes before cleaning, gently pull the slot apart and remove it from the front, taking care not to damage your eyelashes.
Gently hit the face with a dry, nonabrasive cloth to let it dry naturally and then reattach it to the body.

How to use Love Doll?
Congratulations to those who just bought a sex doll. You have made a huge investment. Sex dolls provide sexual satisfaction, companionship and can add some unique fun to your relationship. Sex dolls don't care about your work, car, appearance, or purse contents. They are always helpful and will never judge you for illusions or hangups. Many don't even know what a sex doll is.


After using the Love Doll, you can pack it and store it in the drawer until the next time. Required Materials:

Lubrication method
Love doll you choose

Unpack the idol and blow it up. Most dolls can be inflated through the mouth (rather than by word) or by using an air pump. Pump to maximum capacity. However, do not overuse it. I don't want you to suddenly jump out when you put on your weight.

Dress her up with the special outfits you need-save time in French maid outfits, cheerleading uniforms, or naked her. Many of the "love doll" models come with special dresses, especially when designed for celebrities.

Apply lots of lubricant. The "love doll" and the penis are completely covered and avoid unpleasant friction. You really can't own too much, but too little makes you feel bad.

Please select a hole. Yes, it's very easy. There is no dinner or movie participation, courtship, or awkward silence. Just make a hole. Depending on the model, there may be only one or three. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about bacteria and harmful substances moving around, so you can move freely between the holes.

When finished, clean the doll with lukewarm water and mild detergent. The sooner you do this, the better. please do not worry. You cannot be pregnant, but sitting for long periods makes it difficult to remove all semen and lubricants.

We squeeze and wrap love doll. Unless you need to use the carpool trails or rafting on the river, the love doll will not inflate with each use. In fact, if you refer to a friend or family member not with her, it may be time to seek professional help.

"Love Doll" provides a convenient outlet for masturbation, and at the same time helps to realize a secret fantasy. There are many types of love dolls, including celebrity-based dolls as well as special dolls such as big ladies, big broken ladies, firefighters, and even essential sheep. Generally, the more expensive a Love Doll, the better the material and the quality of the seams, but keep in mind that you can easily get a Love Doll at any price you buy. I don't want to explode before it explodes.



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